Science and operations

اذهب الى الأسفل

Science and operations

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Science and operations

When you think of people in the world imagine surrounded lab tables and graphs, bottles and Onanep test?
That anyone trying to learn about the nature of science is a world

Science way to learn more about the natural world

Scientific theories: It is an attempt to explain the behavior of a particular style or has observed repeatedly in the natural world.

Scientific laws: called rule that describes a pattern or a certain behavior in the natural
Unlike the law in theory does not explain the cause of the stuff, but only describes a particular style

Branches of science
Branches of science
Science is divided into three sections:
 Biology: Alaahia interested in studying the science of living creatures.
Space and earth science: earth science and space systems studied earth and space.
Natural Sciences: Science that they are interested in studying the matter and energy

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Hypothesis: A logical explanation or potential depends on your knowledge and your note.

Inference: is Altsal to previous conclusions Binaaly Views ..

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